Monday, July 14, 2008

Go West or Bust

If you recall the 1960's live-action BATMAN TV show, you might remember that the switch for the sliding wall that led to the batpoles was hidden in a bust of Shakespeare in Bruce Wayne's study. The muftied millionare would grab the Bard's beard, tilt the bust's head back, reach into its larynx, and flick the switch as the dramatic music swelled.

Now,the circle is complete. Sculptor Ruben Procopio has molded a bust of Adam West (nee William Anderson of Walla Walla), in his role as Bruce Wayne. No word on whether his head tilts back.


Dial 'B' for 'Blog'" features an illustration of the trick Shakespeare bust from the series. According to DBFB, the switch actually turned on a light behind the set that signaled the stage hands to slide the wall open, revealing the bat-poles.

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Mike Barer said...

You wonder if some kid would be plaing in Wayne Manor, knock the statue down and open the bookcase, there must have been a keypad there.