Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Year Later

A year ago, I was up all night with a sick cat (Bailey had just returned from the vet after emergency treatment for a serious infection) when horrific news and video started shooting across the Internet. Japan had been hit with a huge earthquake, followed shortly afterward by a gigantic tsunami that tore coastal towns and fields apart. Later came new horror, as the Fukashima nuclear plant failed and spread radiation around the only nation that has been nuclear bombed in wartime.

A year later, some things have improved and some things haven't. Although much of Japan has returned to normal, the devastation of the areas hit by the tsunami isn't something that can be undone in a year. And lack of government honesty about what was going on in the nuclear plant has not helped matters; it has only stoked suspicion.,0,5531592.story

On this day, once again, the world's thoughts are with Japan.

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