Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trial, Trial Again

My trial appears to be winding down. It may be a shock to my system to stop working 12-14 hour days every weekday, and 10 hours on weekends -- kind of like hitting the brakes on a downhill grade.

You can find the Associated Press's article about the trial here:


Anonymous said...

Do you have any advice on starting one of these? I went through the mechanics of setting one up, but if it's going to be there for literally the whole world to see, it better not be written badly. So I have not really decided whether to persue it or not. Your link is on Anea's sight.


Danny Barer said...


I haven't figured this out yet either. Nor, I'd wager, have 99% of the folks who did this. I think the idea is to wait until you have something you want to write about; and then write about it.