Friday, May 06, 2005

Trials and Tribulations

For the last several weeks, I've been assisting one of my partners in my law firm in a trial at the downtown LASC courthouse (aka the "Stanley Mosk Courthouse.") This is the longest trial in which I've been involved; and it ain't gonna be over for several weeks.

Being in a trial like this is something like having snow days while in school. I'm away from the office and can concentrate on a single central project (the trial case) which takes up a huge amount of my time. But like schoolwork, the work on other cases doesn't go away; it piles up.

If I may be allowed a bit of justified nepotism, I must make an unsolicited plug for Lee Goldberg's Diagnosis Murder books. I had a couple lying around, and while taking my mind off the continuing Sissyphean (or Herculean?) labors of trial, I tore through The Waking Nightmare and The Death Merchant. Now, I wasn't really a faithful viewer of the TV show (wrong demographic), and I confess I bought the books because Lee is my cousin, but blood relations won't compel me to read a bad book. These are really delightful light mysteries, with tight plots and fun characters. (Plus, The Waking Nightmare features an appearance by my home town, Walla Walla, Washington.) By the way, Lee's blog can be found at

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