Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wi-Fi Watering Holes: C & D's Welcome Cafe

This cafe is located in the southern part of Redondo Beach, near Palos Verdes Estates, on PCH. I went there today to work while Amy worked in the quilt shop in the northern part of Redondo Beach.

Pluses: Lots of space. Amiable neighborhood feeling. Comfortable seats and sofas. Large drink menu. Tons of covered free parking (it's part of a restaurant/retail mini-mall). Free wi-fi. The art on the walls (like most coffee houses, they are displaying local artists) is nice. Acoustic music in the evenings (although I didn't get a chance to hear it today).

Minuses: Pretty far away for me. Only two electrical outlet plates (that I could find), and each has an outlet occupied by a lamp; power strips might be good. One single unisex bathroom. Wi-fi signal could be stronger. The iced soy cappucino I had was on the bitter side; the soy cappucinos at Starbucks tend to be sweeter -- I don't know whether Starbucks or this cafe is doing it the right way. The second drink I had (a hazelnut latte) was better.

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Christina said...

have you thought that maybe it was the soy milk? Each coffee shop uses different soy. Welcome cafe uses Silk soy milk and Starbucks uses Pacific soy. They may have also put vanilla in it to make it sweet. But welcome cafe made it the right way. I am really anal that way. Thank you for the kind words and we do have a power strip just ask for it and we will be glad to give it to you.