Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wi-Fi Watering Holes: Westsubs

This is a fairly new cafe that opened in the place of an ice-cream parlor in the mini-mall on Overland, between Venice and Washington, in Culver City. (The mini-mall is also the home of a Bally's, a Best Buy, and lots of other stores.) The address is 3863 Overland.

Pluses: A big parking lot (albeit with lots of Bally's cars parked there). Bright lighting. Pretty good boba. Relatively comfortable seats (lack of lumbar support is a given, but otherwise okay.) Lots of strategically-placed electrical outlets. Strong signal. Friendly service. Clean. Pretty good working music on the sound system (while I was there this evening, they played the Beatles, Chuck Mangione and John Coltrane).

Minuses: According to the signs, they don't turn on the wi-fi until 3 p.m. The posted parking time is a maximum of two hours. The oven has an incredibly loud and persistent beep when it's done heating something up.

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