Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hellsing Sings Its Last Chorus

The November 2008 issue of the manga anthology YOUNG KING OURS was released on September 30, and contained the final installment of Kohta Hirano's HELLSING manga story. Our local import bookstore, Asahiya Books in West LA, had our copy for us the next day. (How do they do it?)

Readers of this blog may know that HELLSING has been a favorite of the Barer household. In its eleven years of publication, the manga has been adapted into anime twice (the 2001 HELLSING TV series, released here by Pioneer, and the ongoing HELLSING ULTIMATE OVA series, released here by Geneon and then Funimation), released here in translated form by Dark Horse Comics (Volume 9 to be released this month), and generated more fan interest in the US than in Japan.

We haven't read the final installment (to the best of our ability, since it's in Japanese) yet. The moment should be right.

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