Friday, February 06, 2009

He Was Innocennnnnnnnnnt

news from me - ARCHIVES - February 03, 2009

Mark Evanier blogs about BRANDED.  I have to admit that I remember the opening credits to the series far better than I remember the series itself.  And in fact the credits are practically a mini-episode in themselves.  Particularly memorable are Chuck Conners's superior breaking Conner's sword across his knee (I remember wondering why army swords were so flimsy that they could be snapped like that); and the deep-voiced singer stretching the word "innocent" to match the song's meter.

I found Chuck Connors's earlier series, THE RIFLEMAN, to be more memorable.  Any guy who could raise his son as a single father, and yet handily dispatch bad guys with his rapid-fire Winchester rifle, was pretty darn impressive.  The Rifleman would certainly never let his rifle get snapped across some officer's knee.
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Mike Barer said...

What I remember about "Branded" is the little nursery rhyme that was based on the theme song and was constantly sung on the school playground.