Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who Drinks the Watchmen

WATCHMEN Nite Owl Dark Roast Coffee

Organic Coffee Cartel is selling an odd item of merchandising for the upcoming WATCHMEN film: a limited edition run of organic coffee, "Nite Owl Dark Roast," in a collectible can.

OCC is promoting this as the "World's First Movie Tie-In Coffee." I have to disagree. When we were in Japan in 2007, UCC Coffee was selling canned iced coffee in cans emblazoned with characters from the animated movie NEON GENESIS EVANGELION 1.0: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE. I collected several of the cans.

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coffee maker said...

i thought using coffee for advertising was silly at first, but then again, in light of all the coffee addicts out there, it's actually a stroke of genius