Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild, Wild Life

Last night we saw "Where the Wild Things Are." (As often happens when we see movies at The Bridge, there were some production people from the film in the audience. They applauded wildly when their names went by in the credits.) Several thoughts:

1. It is not the story from the book. It has the basic framework of the book. But the concept of the place where the wild things are is completely different. No longer is it id without complication. Now it is id with severe ego complication.

2. It is an extremely well done movie. I don't know if it's possible to watch it without cringing at some summoned memory from your own childhood. Or adulthood.

3. It feels to a great degree like a kid's movie from the seventies. The piano-heavy soundtrack, the naturalistic lighting, and the concentration on tracking shots of running probably contribute to that.

4. Adaptations need not be faithful to be good.

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