Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wi-Fi Watering Holes, Part I -- Cafe Paradiso

Since one of my recent joys is to go to local tea and coffee places that have free wi-fi and do work, blogging, or other online stuff, I'm going to start reviewing my favorites. I welcome comments with other suggestions for spots with excellent boba, free wi-fi, or both.

I'm posting this from Cafe Paradiso, in the Japanese neighborhood on Sawtelle just north of Olympic in West LA. . The boba drinks (particularly the passion fruit tea, jasmine milk tea, and almond milk tea) are great, the room is small but fairly comfortable, the wi-fi doesn't require any passwords or complicated logins, and there are electrical outlets (albeit in one corner of the room). A very nice space.


Update on 6/4/06: The cafe is now called "Catch 21."

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