Friday, December 16, 2005

A Cruddy Classic

John Jackson Miller, a columnist for the COMIC BUYERS GUIDE, is auctioning off for charity a curio from his collection: a file copy of FANTASTIC FOUR No. 5 (the first appearance of Dr. Doom) from creator Stan Lee's collection, so beat up that the Comics Guarantee Corp. (a company that grades comics, then seals them in plastic slabs -- a controversial practice to those of us who believe comics are for readin') graded it at 0.5 out of ten.

As Miller writes: "This four-color tatterdemalion -- this paralellepiped of history -- this slab full of shreds -- strikes awe and wonderment in all who witness its decaying glory. Alas, no one should own The Ring too long -- and now it comes time to part with it."

At last glance, the bids were up to $406.00.

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