Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do These Conversations Happen to Other People?

(About an hour ago. I'm walking up Westwood Boulevard toward Pico. A white sedan is stopped at the light just behind me. A 30-something guy in a white t-shirt sticks his head out of the open car window.)

T-shirt guy: Hey, can I ask you something?

Me (anticipating being asked for directions): Sure.

T-shirt-guy: Do you remember the '80's band, The Smiths?

Me (what the hell?): Yeah.

T-shirt-guy: Was Morrissey gay?

Me (??????): [Nods.] He was called a "celibate homosexual."

T-shirt guy (to companion in car): Aww-right!

(T-shirt guy gives me thumbs-up. I give him one back.)

T-shirt guy (driving away): This is why I love L.A.!

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