Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Kelly Link Who Wasn't There

Amy and I really enjoy several of Kelly Link's short stories (which appear to be called "slipstream" fiction; if they were Latin American they'd probably be called "magical realism," and if they were from a decade before this one they might be called "fantasy") such as "Magic for Beginners." So when we were at Worldcon in Yokohama, we went to a panel for which she was a listed guest. Alas, she had cancelled; she hadn't made the trip to Japan.

So this afternoon, when I was at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, and Link was listed as appearing on the panel "Women of Slipstream Fiction," I made arrangements to attend. Alas, just before the panel, it was announced that Link had, yes, cancelled.

So Kelly Link is everywhere. And nowhere.

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