Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mud-Slinging Mess

This year's election, like many others, started out with promises that negative campaigning would be reduced; and, like many others, ended with the mud flying fast and furious.

Even with the election over, we are seeing the aftermath: Anonymous McCain campaign staffers allegedly lashing out at Sarah Palin by accusing her of not knowing Africa was a continent; Palin lashing back by accusing the staffers of being "cowardly" and "jerks"; folks blaming the "liberal media" for originating the story (said "liberal media" being Fox ); and Rush Limbaugh declaring war on the Republican Party.

And then there are the defamation lawsuits, like Kate Hagan's against Elizabeth Dole for campaign ads that had another woman imitating Hagan's voice and saying, "There is no God." (Hagan won the race.)

It's time to hose the mud off the walls and get to work rebuilding a shattered economy and a shredded constitution.

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