Friday, December 26, 2008

The Hot Poop on Hot Poop

"Hot Poop" is a track on a Frank Zappa album. It is also a slang term for inside information. And it is a record/CD/video store on Main Street in Walla Walla that is the oldest independent record store in Washington State.

This news video discusses Hot Poop's 35th anniversary. I became a customer there 30 of those years ago. No matter when I visit -- most recently in 2006 -- owner Jim McGuinn recognizes me, the kid who used to ride his bike up to HP when it was in the Eastgate and pore over the underground comix he sold. I recall taking the first paycheck I earned at a job, and spending it on an audiocassette of "Abbey Road" at Hot Poop.

Thanks to my brother Steve for the heads up on the video.

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Beverly said...

Yeah, the original Hot Poop store was really close to our house, but my brother and I weren't allowed to go in there as kids because neighborhood rumor had it that they sold "bongs" in there. Having no idea what a bong was or what they really sold at Hot Poop, I thought for years that a bong must be some sort of device that let Peeping Toms look at people's naughty bits as they used the toilet.

I guess this explains why I was the last kid in high school to figure out what went on in the science building parking lot...