Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, Please Ban These Words

Lake Superior State University has published its 2009 list of "Banished Words" -- words and phrases that wore out their welcome in 2008, and which should be excised from the english language. They include "green" (as in environmentally, well, something), "carbon footprint," "maverick" (in a political sense), "first dude" (ditto), "bailout," "Wall Street/Main Street," "_____ monkey" (well, "code monkey" still holds a special place in my heart), "<3" (yes, an emoticon), "staycation," and "not so much."

A phrase I'd add: "Oh, please." Heard far too much in this election season. In just two words, and as many syllables, it says, "Your point is so far beneath my consideration that you must be a blithering idiot to have even consider raising it. It certainly does not merit an intelligent response. Go away."

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