Saturday, April 18, 2009

The "Let's Rebuild Len Wein's Comic Book Collection" Project

Earlier this month, Len Wein and Chris Valada's house was almost completely destroyed by fire. If you've read any comic books in the last 40 years, you're likely to have seen Wein's name -- or his work. If you haven't read any comics, but have watched comic-based movies, you've likely seen movie characters based on his creations. Wein, you see, has created or co-created Swamp Thing, Wolverine, numerous X-Men (including Storm and Nightcrawler), and the character Lucius Fox, seen in the Chris Nolan Batman movies. He's also written just about every DC and Marvel character. And that's on top of his work as a comics editor, which includes the WATCHMEN miniseries, the NEW TEEN TITANS . . . it goes on and on. He even co-created the HUMAN TARGET, which was adapted into a short-lived TV series a few years ago and is slated to be adapted into another one.

One of the victims of the fire was Wein's comics collection -- including every comic he wrote.

Wein's friend Mark Evanier has started a project to rebuild Wein's comic book collection. He's asking fans to send in copies of Wein's comics. He's put up a web page and listed the comics needed. (See the link above.) If you have any, or if you want to buy some comics and send them to a writer who has given readers of all ages lots of fun over the decades, send him some comics.

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