Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wi-Fi Watering Holes: Frogo Gourmet Frozen Yogurt & Organic Coffee

This window-filled corner shop at the intersection of Wilshire and Euclid in downtown Santa Monica features modern (generic) decor, a 99-cent cup of organic coffee, and fairly tasty frozen yogurt. (I had the swirl of Death by Chocolate and Peanut Butter). There are plenty of outlets around the store within easy reach of the tables, and the wi-fi is fairly strong. (I'm there now.) It also has the benefit of long hours: It opens at 6 am on weekdays; and the closing times range from 10 pm on Sunday to Midnight on Friday and Saturday. The service is quite friendly. If you don't mind spartan decor, this is a pretty good Santa Monica WFWH.

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