Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Fresh-Served Anime: SHANGRI-LA

Continuing the anime marketing trend of streaming anime in the U.S. market (with limited ads) shortly after it shows in Japan, Crunchyroll is streaming SHANGRI-LA, an adaptation of a Japanese science fiction novel. The first episode, shown in Japan last Sunday, is online now.

The show looks like it might be fun. It balances deadly-dull scenes of talking heads addressing manipulation of the international carbon-credit market (such things never animate well) with spectacular, colorful action set pieces. Plus, it's got character designs by Range Murata, who designed LAST EXILE and BLUE SUB 6 from the same studio, Gonzo. And since it's anime science fiction, the protagonist is a teenage girl in a schoolgirl's outfit, accompanied by a transvestite. What can you say?

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