Saturday, July 18, 2009

Archie Wedding Disenchants Collector

This "silly season" story comes from the Comic Buyers' Guide Extra website. Archie Comics has announced a "what if?" type storyline for Archie # 600 in which the rambunctious redhead marries Veronica. The news has prompted a longtime Archie fan to sell his prized Archie #1 in "protest":

“I just feel betrayed. All of these years I have been waiting for Archie to man up and realize what a treasure Betty is," he told CBG. "Is it the economy? Is Archie’s proposal just for the money? Is Archie really that shallow?"

Of course, given that this is a "what if" story that will likely have no effect on the decade-long repetition of patterns that is the Archie "continuity," and given that the comics line will likely do a similar story positing that Archie marries Betty, one could suspect that this "protest" is really an attempt to drive up interest in the comic, which he is selling through Heritage Auction Galleries.

My only thought is that with all the billions Mr. Lodge has squirreled away, it's a wonder he never hired a hitman to rub out that pesky kid who keeps invading his mansion and drooling after his daughter.

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