Saturday, July 18, 2009

Latest Developments in Goldberg Country

Once again, I will assume my familial responsibilities and plug some projects in which that my cousins, the Goldberg Brothers, are involved. Since Lee and Tod Goldberg's blogs average as many hits in a day as I get in about a year, you could say that they don't need my help; but I think print needs to be promoted, particularly when it comes from my family. (And their books are lots of fun to read.)

Lee has reissued a book from him published in the early 90's, TELEVISION SERIES REVIVALS. It catalogs and discusses various reunion specials and series based on canceled TV shows. I love this type of book, so I'll probably be buying a copy.

Lee has also reissued his satirical mystery novel MY GUN HAS BULLETS, which I do own (and have read). This edition was released for the Kindle; and features a rather somber cover by Lee's sister Linda. If you want to read a savage attack on the TV industry by an inside man, this book's for you. It's one of my favorites of Lee's books.

Finally, if you find yourself at the Comic-Con in San Diego next week, both Lee and Tod will be on the panel given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, on Friday afternoon from 3:00-4:30 in Room 4. At the panel, the organization's Scribe Awards will be given out; and Tod's first BURN NOTICE tie-in book is nominated for one. Oddly, the three-ring-circus programming of Comic-Con has scheduled their panel to overlap with other panels featuring tie-in writers (Kevin J. Anderson in Room 2; James Robinson and Greg Rucka in Room 6DE; Peter David in Room 30CDE) and a panel on tie-in series (Room 5AB), as well as panels featuring Tim Burton, Elijah Wood, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Stan Freberg, and the cast of EUREKA. At least they're not scheduled against Hayao Miyazaki, whose panel will be held earlier that day.

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