Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funimation's One Piece Simulcast Begins Tonight - Anime News Network

Last year in August, I was spending my evenings watching the Olympics. This past week, I spent it watching an anime TV series that has been airing for ten years (without a break) in Japan, but had trouble finding a toehold on U.S. television: ONE PIECE.

Funimation had planned to stream subtitled episodes of ONE PIECE back in May; but temporarily scuttled the plans when some jerk leaked episode 403 before it aired in Japan. But the simulcast is back on track, and this evening episode 415 aired here an hour after it was broadcast in Japan.

Meanwhile, Funimation brought viewers up to speed on the present story arc by running the first 21 episodes of it, three episodes a day, over the course of a week. And I've been running through the episodes at a rate between one and five a night.

Although the series definitely gets repetitive in its fight scenes, and there's lots of back story that hasn't aired in the U.S. (there's about a five-year gap between the last ONE PIECE episodes shown in the U.S. and the current batch), and the characters never really grow much beyond getting new skills and powers, there's an addictive quality to this comedy/adventure series -- probably why it's lasted so long. I had no problem marathoning the series.

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