Saturday, August 08, 2009

In the Black

If I told you that my childhood ambition was to have my name appear in Black's Law Dictionary, I'd (a) be lying and (b)seem like a much more pathetic kid than I actually was. (I think.)

Anyway, if you pick up of a copy of the new Ninth Edition of Black's Law Dictionary, and look in the front, you'll see a list of "Practitioner Contributors" -- and I'm in there. Near the front of the list, because, y'know, my last name begins with a "Ba."

I got this acknowledgment because I received part of the manuscript (dealing with the "F"s), wrote some marginalia, and sent it back to the editor. Not quite the same as actually writing a dictionary, but at least my name will be in law offices and libraries around the world. How many people will actually see it is another question.

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