Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Book Nook

This evening, I walked over to my local Barnes & Noble and pre-ordered a Nook. (And felt a bit like a Nook Shnook for doing so. The information booth guys just went onto the B&N Website to order the thing. I could have done that. From home.) Because I ordered today, they said, I'd go onto the waiting list and had a good chance of getting my Nook by, oh, about December 21. (Of this year, thankfully.)

I opted for the Nook, instead of the Kindle, primarily because the Nook purportedly handles pdf files better than the base-model Kindle (which costs the same as the Nook). I foresee using the device mainly for work. Nowadays, all federal district and appellate court documents are served in pdf form; and we scan a lot of the state court filings. I'd rather carry a wafer-thin electronic reader into court than a thick file or a box of 300-page appellate record volumes.

Of course, I'm buying the thing sight unseen, so I'll have to wait and see whether the Nook lives up to its hype; or whether it will just sit in its nook.


Donald Burr of Borg said...

Interesting. So you went with the Nook eh? I'd be curious to hear your review of the device. I'd be even curiouser to take a gander at it in person - assuming you get it in time, I don't suppose you'd be willing to bring it one day to Anime LA so I could take a peek at it? Pam and I are Kindle users (I bought Pam a refurbished Kindle for her birthday, and I have the Kindle DX) and would be interested in a comparison.

Mike Barer said...

The legendary "Book Nook" was in Walla Walla for years. The amazing thing was that it was not a book store.

Danny Barer said...

Don: I'll try to remember to bring the Nook to Anime L.A. (if I get it by then). Since ALA is having "Steampunk Sunday," I'll try to download a Jules Verne novel onto it.