Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ridin' Against the Wind

Sometime's a man's reach, and all that. On Saturday, Amy was working in Redondo Beach, and I decided to ride my bike over there. It worked fine -- even spectacularly -- on the way over (where I shot these photos). The weather was in the '60's, it was sunny, and when I rode south along the beach bike path, there was a soft breeze blowing behind me. So riding 17 miles to Amy's workplace was not much of an issue.

The issue arose on the way back. The soft breeze had turned into something out of the opening of WRATH OF KHAN -- and this time, it was blowing in my face. I soldiered on until I reached a parking lot in El Segundo; and then did the mature thing, and gave up. I called Amy to pick me up. So I ended up riding only 22 out of 34 miles round trip.

Someday, perhaps, when the wind is becalmed, I shall return . . . .

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