Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Buzzing about the Hornet

This afternoon, I read a media tie-in from 70 years ago: a 1940 Green Hornet Better Little Book. Although it was written for children, and didn't have a huge amount of subtlety, it was fairly well written and told a complete story. It revolved around a special prosecutor who was gathering evidence against a protection racket, and his wastrel son who was vulnerable to blackmail because of his gambling debts. And also as in the movie, Kato is skilled in both sciences and martial arts (although the movie does not have Britt save Kato's life while Britt is traveling in the "orient," resulting in Kato coming back with him to serve as Britt's valet.). The book even has secretary Miss Case as someone who knows the newspaper biz better than Britt.

The big difference between this Hornet and Seth Rogen's: This Green Hornet is not an idiot.

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