Sunday, March 06, 2011

Will and Legacy

Yesterday evening, I went to the Google home page and was startled to see that the logo paid tribute to Will Eisner and one of his most famous creations, The Spirit. (I'd say most famous, but likely Sheena, Queen of the Jungle takes that prize.) Eisner was sui generis. Not only was he a comics entrepreneur from the early days of the medium, but he was also one of the best writers and artists in comics history. If that weren't enough, he was a literate and articulate comics scholar and critic, and remained so until his death a few years ago. He was always a pleasure to speak to and listen to at conventions. Memorably, he always attended the ceremony at Comic-Con at which his namesake awards, the Eisners, were handed out; and although the con provided him with a literal throne to sit on, the octogenarian insisted on standing throughout the multiple-hour ceremony.

Mark Evanier, who often hosted Eisner on panels, provides some memories of the gent here

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Will Eisner, a humble comics writer, who deserves recognition for all his works. A great man who shall be missed!