Wednesday, July 26, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con 2006: Friday through Sunday

I didn't take a huge number of photos this year, so I'm combining these three days. Not that a lot didn't happen. I don't know what the attendance will be this year, but on Saturday the Fire Marshal cut off registration at around 1 pm, because the convention center (a several-block-long convention center) was at capacity. I have to think the memebership beat last year's record of 105,000.

Among the most memorable panels not pictured were:

-- A panel on the Seven Laws of Super-Heroes, with comics writer Grant Morrison and New Age philospher/author Deepak Chopra.

-- Another on the new films under development from Marvel Studios, featuring Jon Favreau (director of the new IRON MAN movie), the writer of SHAWN OF THE DEAD (who is writing a treatment for the ANT MAN movie, which may actually be better than it sounds), and the French director of TRANSPORTER (who is directing the sequel to THE HULK -- which will be more action oriented than Ang Lee's flop, and which, contrary to rumors, will not be direct to video). Also in the works are Nick Fury, Captain America, and Thor movies.

-- A jam-packed panel on Friday morning celebrating Spider-Man, with creator Stan Lee, '60's and '70's artist John Romita Sr., later artist John Romita Jr., current writer J. Michael Straczynski (sorry, I'm not checking the spelling), and movie producer Kevin Feige. Although he's in his 80's, Stan is still Stan.

-- A well-attended panel on VERONICA MARS, this year including the petite blond star, Kristen Bell.

Despite the crowds, the only cool event I tried to get into but couldn't was Saturday Evening's Sony Pictures panel, which reportedly featured Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes (starring in the upcoming GHOST RIDER movie); and the director and several stars of SPIDER-MAN 3, including Tobey Maguire.

We're going back next year.

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