Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ditko Doc

Jonathon Ross, the Brit entertainer who snogged Neil Gaiman at July's Eisner awards, is premiering a documentary tomorrow on BBC4 about legendary comics creator Steve Ditko. Ditko is one of the three architects (along with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) of the Marvel Universe. He is best known for co-creating Spider-Man. (Marvel's current position is that Stan Lee is the creator of Spidey; but since Ditko designed the character's visuals, came up with the idea for a mask that hid his face entirely, came up with the wrist-mounted webshooters, formulated Spider-man's unique vocabulary of movement, drew the first 38 issues of the comic, and plotted or co-plotted most of them, I think he can be safely credited as co-creator.)

The documentary won't be available on American TV; but Ross's article in The Guardian (follow the link) makes me wish it was. I hope it comes out on video in the future.

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