Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Manga Fan to Take Over Japan?

Manga Fan Tarō Asō is a Frontrunner to Lead Japan (Updated) - Anime News Network

The Prime Minister of Japan has resigned, and Japanese stocks plummeted on the news -- with a few noteable exceptions.  Stock in Mandarake (covered in a previous blog post) rose 12.95%; and shares of Broccoli (owner of the Gamers chain of anime and manga stores) soared 71%.

Why?  Because a frontrunner to replace the PM, Tarō Asō, is a huge manga and anime fan.  Unfortunately -- as manga creator Kouta Hirano pointed out at a panel during Anime Vegas last year -- he is also known as a jingoist, and as extremely conservative.  It remains to be seen whether the Liberal Democratic Party will cater to otaku voters and elect Asō to the office.

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