Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hawaii 2009 -- Days 3 and 4

The scene from our lanai, a few hours ago:

Yesterday, after experiencing lousy service at Green Flash Coffee for breakfast (20 minutes to get our drinks -- we got them after our breakfast sandwiches had been prepared -- and one drink was just poured coffee!) we went to Kahaluu beach, where I did some snorkling. There was an amazing variety of sea life just a few yards offshore. That day, like today, started out sunny, but clouded up in the afternoon. We finished the day with steaks at the Kona Inn restaurant, where we witnessed the restaurant's amazing belt-driven ceiling fan system (there is a central motor that drives a series of belts operating all of the ceiling fans).

Today, Amy went horseback riding in the morning. (I opted out of that, since it's been just two years since I fell off a horse during my last Hawaii visit, and broke my wrist.) Before leaving, she had a much more positive experence at Green Flash Coffee. (Guess we just hit them at the wrong time.) While she was riding a horse, I rode my rented bicycle east through Kailua, and then north along Highway 19 until just before the Kona Airport. (The highway shoulder is quite accommodating for bicyclers -- there are special lanes for bikers to use in crossing the on-ramps). I visited a number of stores, including Kona Bay Books. There, I engaged in a vacation tradition from my childhood -- I bought an "old" book (Donald Westlake's LEVINE, in a 25-year-old paperback edition) and an old comic book (an issue of World's Finest from 1967, with a silly-but-entertaining story). The chatty lady at the bookstore remarked that mine was the second Westlake book she had sold that day. She hadn't realized that Westlake passed away last week, leading to various tributes and to folks like me picking up his books.

This evening, we had another delighful dinner experience, at Huggo's on the Rocks (at the same seaside location where Java on the Rocks serves breakfast). Nothing says "vacation" quite like sipping fruity frozen cocktails under the light of tiki torches with the sea roaring below you and a live band playing acousting Hawaiian music (with a hula dancer, yet).

Some photos can be found here. More will be posted when I get to a faster, more reliable Internet connection.

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