Saturday, February 12, 2011

The King's Speech, and a Princely Task

Last weekend, we saw The King's Speech, which deserves the plaudits being laid at its feet (if a film has feet, and plaudits can be laid at them). It's a film that celebrates both the heart and the head. It concentrates both on play-like dialogue and cinematic storytelling. It's equally at home with tight closeups and epic abbey establishing shots. And it makes Americans cheer for the monarchy from which they fought to separate themselves over 200 years ago. (I'm sure there's many Americans who wish for a king, even a stammering one, especially if he looks like Colin Firth.)

Over on the Huffington Post, Monty Pythoner Michael Palin comments not only on The King's Speech, but on the stuttering character he played in "A Fish Called Wanda"; that character's origin in his own father; and how that role resulted in help for real-life stammerers.

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