Friday, August 18, 2006



I rented this expecting a fun B-movie. Instead, it was a pretentious, bad, hard-to-watch B-movie.

It might have been visually interesting, if the director and cinemtographer could come to a decision on what the movie should look like. It has a totally unreal, green-screen, animated background look, except when it has a more realistic look, except when it has a candy-colored dayglow TRON look, except when it looks really murky. (Apparently, the advances in sophisticated high-definition video cameras enable cinematophers to turn crappy, grainy shots into crappy, colorful shots. Add in the merest whisper of a story, the absence of any emotional resonance, lots of head-shaking WTF moments, and a villain who actually says, "Oh, it's on," when confronting the heroine, and you've got bad-bad, not fun-bad.

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