Saturday, October 28, 2006

LA Coffee

This week, the LA Times food section published a bunch of articles about coffee, including the review of standout local coffeehouses linked above. It includes two of my favorites, wi-fi watering hole Cafe Balcony and Culver City's Conservatory.

Because of a medication I was taking until a few days ago, I couldn't drink any caffeine. Freed of that restriction, I've been hitting some java. This morning I had breakfast at one of the places listed in the article, Cafe Luxxe in Santa Monica. I had a cappucino and an espresso that were unbelievably smooth. The photo is of the cappucino -- one sip down.


Anonymous said...

Danny, you missed your calling. That photo of your coffee would be PERFECT in an art journal. Grab a glue stick and get to work!

Danny Barer said...

Thanks for the compliment, Linda, but this blog is my art journal.