Saturday, January 19, 2008

And Where Does Your Candidate Stand on Animation?

Hey, Answerman! - Anime News Network

It seems I can't drive under an underpass in LA without being confronted by a banner demanding that I vote for Ron Paul.  That's not half as scary as a Paul-ite who e-mailed the "Hey Answerman" column on Anime News Network touting his or her candidate's advocacy of anime:

"Dear "Answerman" Zac Bertschy, I am writing to tell you about a presidential candidate named Dr. Ron Paul. He is the pro-anime candidate and his policies and beliefs will be welcomed by all anime fans, I believe anime fans will find their candidate of choice in Dr. Ron Paul who is against the big government and in favor of anime."

Why do I get the feeling that the noun "anime" in this message could easily be replaced with "basketball,"  "unicycles,"  "speedmetal," or "spotted cow collectibles"?

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