Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Healing Noodle

My late great-aunt Dorothy Barer made the most marvelous desserts you've ever tasted.  Here, Aunt Dorothy's grandson, Tod Goldberg, talks to writer Maud Newton about Dorothy's cuisine and its effect on his life.

"Nana died a few weeks ago at the age of 95 and in her honor I came home from the funeral and made myself a kugel. It tasted like being seven and losing a soccer game; like being twelve and dining as the sun set over Loon Lake, Washington; like being thirty and sitting on her porch in Seattle; like being all the ages I’ve ever been."

I, too, have made a kugel from the recipe Tod recounts, which was reverse-engineered by Tod's sister Linda.  I can attest it is utterly delicious, and packed with 98% more memories than the average noodle dessert.
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