Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does That Make Him Crazy . . . .

Prosecutors say Snipes was warned | | Serving Brevard County and Florida’s Space Coast

People believe what they want to believe.  If you're Wesley Snipes, and you're paying literally millions of dollars in income tax, who's to say you wouldn't believe a nutso argument that American citizens have to pay taxes only on money earned outside the country?  Or that you can file demands for a refund of over $11 million in taxes that you've paid?  Or that you can pay your taxes with monopoly money called "Bills of Exchange?"

Alas, Snipes did all that.

Now Snipes, who made millions playing a vampire slayer, is battling a different breed of bloodsuckers.  He's on trial for tax fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy.  (One of his co-conspirators refuses to leave his cell and attend the trial, because he doesn't believe the court has any jurisdiction over him.  When it comes to federal income tax, it's hard to keep a straight face when using "federal court" and "no jurisdiction" in the same sentence.)  And he's facing 16 years in the federal white-collar prison (although it's unlikely he'll actually do that much time -- after all, while he's in prison, it's harder for him to pay his tax bill).

His lawyer's defense?  “Crazy ain’t a crime . . . ."

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