Sunday, March 16, 2008

Please Stop Me Before I ITune Again

Curse iTunes for providing, at the touch of a finger, every crappy song that lingers like dried coffee grounds on the walls of my '60's and '70's memories. I've already downloaded (and, yes, listened to -- several times) the greatest hits of Petula Clark; and Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows)" -- one of those quirky love songs devoted (ala "My Funny Valentine") to insulting the object of the singer's affection. Now I've learned that I wasn't hallucinating when recalling perhaps the worst Top Ten pop song ever -- "Run Joey Run," a 1975 story-song by David Geddes. (Not to be confused with its contemporary, "Run Joe Run," a canine version of THE FUGITIVE.)

I confess that as a ten-year-old, I wasn't sure what Julie and Joey shared together (besides their first initials) that drove Julie's father to beat Julie up and start gunning for Joey -- or why Julie tried to placate daddy by warbling, "We're gonna get marr-ied . . . ."

I've been valiantly fighting the urge to seek out "Billy, Don't Be a Hero." Maybe I did imagine that one . . . .

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