Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Drink Your Slurpee! I Drink It Up!

Iron Man 7-Eleven Movie Items - Superhero Hype!

Seven-Eleven has unleashed Iron Man movie merchandising -- including what looks like an Extreme Big Gulp in the shape of Ol' Shellhead's, well, shellhead. Considering that in the comics Iron Man has had a drinking problem, these tchotkes pose possibilities that are downright -- er -- ironic.


Update -- I swung by the 7-11 at Venice and Sepulveda in West LA today, and picked up a bunch of Iron Man collectibles. They included the Iron Man head cup, which is actually a 28-oz Slurpee cup, complete with the word "Slurpee" imprinted on the Golden Avenger's occipital area. (Has he started sporting sponsor decals?) I got two lenticular Iron Man cups -- one that depicts him dodging a missile from a jet fighter; and one rather ghoulishly reproducing the scene (depicted in one of the trailers) of the Mark I Iron Man immolating a bunch of soldiers with his built-in flame throwers.

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