Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Box Lifestyle

We had a pleasant Sunday morning today. We drove down to the Marina del Rey/Playa del Rey Tanner's Coffee for breakfast; swung by Fisherman's Village to make reservations for our trip to Catalina Island, slated for next weekend; and then pulled into Costco for a combination of shopping and sightseeing.

There's something magical about visiting Costco around now, near the cusp of late spring/early summer. You get the feeling that you could have a magical outdoor lifestyle, if you simply picked the right paraphernalia. All you'd need is one of those deluxe patio sets that seats 10 people; one of those ice chests on wheels that could keep the Fifth Army's provisions chilly for a decade; one of those L-shaped barbecue islands, with a built-in sink and a grill big enough for one of Fred Flintstone's racks of brontosaurus ribs; and an inflatable pool toy that could have dramatically improved the survival rate of the Titanic's passengers.

Oh yeah: You also need a yard big enough for all this stuff. And a pool. And a second mortgage, to afford everything. And a lifestyle.

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