Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wi-Fi Watering Holes: Velocity Cafe

The Velocity Cafe sits on Lincoln Boulevard, south of Pico, in Santa Monica (or, as the cafe's Website describes it, "Satan Monica"). It features the usual bohemian decor, including a swordfish, giant mirror, and funky mural behind the coffee bar and a motley assortment of kitchen chairs, armchairs, and a futon. There's a rack of books to read, and magazines racked along the walls.

Pluses: Good strong wi-fi, with no password. Lots of electrical outlets along the walls. There's a breakfast and lunch menu. I had the Grommet wrap, which was tasty. The lattes and green tea freezes are pretty good. It's freeway convenient.

Minuses: Noisy Lincoln boulevard is right outside. The bar was out of soy milk.

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