Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Diego Con Hotel Lottery

This year, Amy and I secured our hotel room for the San Diego Comic-Con in July early, before March 19's shotgun start to the hotel rush through the Con's travel service. It's a good thing we did; anecdotal evidence (reported as news) suggests the servers melted down.

Comics editor/reporter Heidi McDonald observes on her blog that (a) San Diego actually has a hotel room glut, with hotel expansion planned in boom years being finished in a recession; (b) the San Diego Visitors and Convention Bureau report from last year appears to show that the convention attendees contributed a small amount to the local economy (a report that seems belied when one sees the restaurants and bars around the convention center stuffed with folks wearing con badges); and (c) the Convention Visitor's Bureau's Website does not contain any information about the 2009 Comic-Con.

Meanwhile, Colleen Doran blogs that she won't be attending the con this year -- in part "because I can’t decide if I am more afraid of seeing people walking around dressed as Silk Spectre or Doctor Manhattan."

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