Sunday, March 29, 2009

So Afraid of Getting Bored

Yesterday we spent the day at a convention full of young anime fans in St. George, Utah, and occasionally found those who seemed to struggle to avoid boredom. This morning I found this timely bit of wisdom on my cousin Linda's blog (happy birthday, Linda!):

If you need attention, for Buddha's sake, learn to amuse yourself. Go read. Go make art. Go listen to music. Go watch tv. Go take a walk. Go blog, twitter, or facebook. Go learn how to do stuff by yourself. Go learn how to not be afraid to be alone with your own thoughts, especially while driving (obey that new Hands Free Law!). There's no reason to be bored, EVER. And, there is no reason to take it personally that other people are not bored. Don't rely on other people to make you happy or fulfill your needs. Your happiness is your responsibility. Being needy and whiny to get attention because you have nothing else to do will not make you more attractive to people. If you really want to be surrounded by people, do what you want without caring if people are paying attention and they will flock to you.

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