Saturday, March 07, 2009

Terribly Trendy

Amy and I were ridiculously trendy Friday night and this morning. Last night, we went for the first time to The Edison in downtown LA. The Edison is an astounding place. It's built in the location of LA's first privately-owned power plant (built in 1910), in the basement of the Higgins building. The basement was reportedly underwater for years; but some nightclub developers rescued it and turned it into a fabulous nightspot. It's a gigantic space, theatrically lit, filled with generators, turbines, brass and copper, furnaces, glass cases, and vintage silent films projected onto copper cladding. The waiters wear 19th-century clerk's suits. It's the sort of place where a woman walks around offering cigars, cigarettes, and mints; and another wearing cellophane wings on her back offers shots of absinthe.

It's also the sort of place where the bouncers at the velvet rope turn away folks who wear sneakers or t-shirts, but enthusiastically welcome those who come in period or steampunk costumes. So when in Rome . . . .

Then this morning we drove to 3 Squares Bakery + Cafe, Hans Rockenwagner's trendy place on trendy Abbott Kinney Boulevard. After breakfast, we strolled amongst the trendy galleries and clothes places.

I think I'm trended out for the weekend.

Photos by Captain Wong Wei.

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