Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reflected Glory

Anyone who follows the links on the right side of this blog will soon learn that there are a lot of published authors in my family -- or specifically, the side of my family that stems from David Barer, my grandfather's brother, and his wife Dorothy. That would include Dave and Dorothy's son Burl Barer (who writes mysteries, true crime books, and movie tie-ins, and who carries on the print legend of Chartaris's The Saint); their daughter Janice Curran (who in the 70's wrote an early self-help book on divorce that by rights should still be in print, and who has written numerous columns and pieces of journalism); Janice's son Lee Goldberg (whose work has appeared in numerous media -- Starlog magazine articles, TV shows, novels, etc. etc.); and Janice's son Tod Goldberg (who has had two novels published, and now has an acclaimed short-story collection out).

As for me, my published work boils down to some articles for legal publications; some fanzine work when I was a teenager; and a handful of letters to comic book lettercolumns. Yawn. Thank goodness my relatives went through the sweat and hard work of becoming fine authors, so that I can name-drop and bask in their reflected glory.

Anyway, the point of all this is to congratulate Lee and Tod for simultaneously having their books listed as staff recommendations at Westwood's Mystery Bookstore. Another family honor that I did nothing to bring about -- but can feel proud of just the same.

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