Saturday, October 01, 2005

We're Back

We've just come back from a delightful week's vacation in Seattle. Friends Rick and Beverly were the perfect hosts, and it was a delight to relax in their elegant home, have fun with them during the day, enjoy sumptious meals with them in their favorite restaurants (never less than excellent), and watch videos with them in the evening. Fun stuff we did since my last posting:

-- Wednesday: We had lunch at a terrific diner, Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe. Amy explored a quilting store while Rick and I went to comic shops and Pike's Place Market. We then had dinner at a gourmet organic restaurant, The Stumbling Goat Bistro.

-- Thursday: Amy and I headed for Kirkland to spend a day with my dad. We had a nice lunch at the Triple J cafe, then went on a cruise of Lake Washington to look at the hoity-toity houses along the way (Bill Gates, etc.) We were the only three passengers on the cruise! (Grey weather will do that.) We wandered the galleries of downtown Kirkland, then joined dad's wife Jean and my sister-in-law Debra for dinner at the Malay Satay in Bellevue.

-- Friday: Serenity day. Rick, Beverly, Amy and I joined R & B's friend Eileen (who is terrific) in downtown Seattle for lunch at a mall Mexican restaurant, then watched the flick, which we enjoyed immensely. Then on to Bottega Italia for its truly awesome gelato and espresso. After some shopping downtown, we hit Cutters in downtown Seattle for (what else) Salmon. Finally, Rick and Beverly treated us to their favorite episode of House on DVD.

Pictures should appear above soon.

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