Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That's Lee -- All Over

Remember that Sunday when Monica Lewinski's lawyer, William Ginsburg, managed to go on every network morning talkshow? That's kind of like what my cousin Lee Goldberg is scheduled to do on Saturday, promoting his new book, The Man With the Iron-On Badge. On October 22, Lee is scheduled to be at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood village (up the street from me -- and I hope to be there) at 11 a.m.; at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks (way out in Ventura County, up that Ventura Highway America sang about -- complete with alligator lizards in the air, whatever that means) at 1 p.m.; and at Mystery and Imagination in Glendale at 3 p.m.! For the Southern California impaired, that pretty much describes a triangle that takes in many, many miles of bad traffic and worse air -- all for you, the book-buying public. If you're in the area, stop buy and pick up a book. The guy can write. He's been doing it professionally for around 25 years. And since he's still in his early 40's, that's saying something.

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