Thursday, June 08, 2006

LA County Voters Vote Highly Experienced Judge Out of Office, and Elect a Bagel-Bakery Chain Owner Who Doesn't Practice Law Regularly Instead

No, the above headline is neither a gag nor an exaggeration.

I've appeared in front of Judge Janovs a few times, and am sorry to see her go. Especially under these circumstances.

**** Update*****
According to today's Daily Journal, some highly-placed public lawyers in LA County are talking with the Governor's judicial appointments secretary about getting Judge Janovs re-appointed to the bench.

****2nd Update******

According to the 6/10/06 LA Times, the Governator is reappointing Janovs to the bench:

"Responding to speculation that voters had failed to pick the Latvian-born Janavs in part because of her name, the Austrian-born Schwarzenegger in a written statement said: 'I can relate to the problem of having a name that is hard to pronounce.'

"The governor also said the election's 'unfortunate result should not rob California of a fine jurist.'"

Good part: The judge is back.

Bad part: It renders the election essentially meaningless.

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Anonymous said...

Why would I be suprised. What political background did Uncle Ahnold have when he became the governator?