Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Los Angeles Times Guide to Anime

The annual Anime Expo, which has been held in Anaheim for the last few years, has grown tremendously: The first one, held in San Jose in 1991, had about 2,000 attendees, while the 2005 Expo attracted nearly 40,000.

A sign that even more will be at next weekend's Expo (the 15th anniversary) is an advertising supplement to today's Los Angeles Times: "From Manga to Anime: Your Insider's Guide to Anime Expo 2006." Appropriately for an advertising supplement, it consists primarily of colorful ads by various American distribution and translation companies for upcoming manga and anime releases, with an emphasis on those connected with guests who will be at this year's Expo (such as Fullmetal Alchemist, the director of which will be there; and various works by guest of honor CLAMP).

If you're planning to attend AX this year, I suggest that you:

-- Pre-register at;

-- Get to the convention center early on whatever day you get there; and

-- Bring both comfortable clothing and shoes, and reading material for if you have to wait in line (which you will, if you are going to any of the main events).

The image on the cover is copyrighted 2005 Yahichiro Takahashi/Mediaworks.

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